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Board of Directors
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Ane Kristiansen

Double Bachelor in Sociology (Lund University) and Gender Studies (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). Works as a data- and analysis-employee in the Office of Organizational Development, Social Administration, City of Copenhagen. Wrote a thesis on gender and equality within Scandinavian companies in Ukraine. Has done volunteer-work supporting abused women in Buenos Aires.


Daniela Lazaroska


Ph.D. in anthropology. Has researched body culture among young people in Brazil. She is currently working at Lund University with a project on social justice, solar energy and sustainability in Sweden. Has a burning interest in political activism, witchcraft, and magic – especially in the mixture of these categories.



Runa Henriksen

Runa Bjerre Henriksen

Studies Geography and Geoinformatics, helped start the association Feminist Change and still sits on the board there. She works seasonally as a natural geographic field assistant in Greenland and is in the process of a longer internship at WWF. She has a special focus on sustainability from a holistic environment and nature perspective.


Charlotte Kirkegaard

Cand.jur. and international expert in gender and equality. She runs the company E-QUALITY, which works with several women in management and performs tasks for the UN, the EU, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the government and large organizations with a general focus on gender and equality. In addition, she is a lecturer, writer and author.


Maria Thiemer

Cand.scient.pol. working in The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA). Former analysis consultant in the City of Copenhagen. She has been a research assistant for Drude Dahlerup at The Gender Regime Project (GRIP) and researched women’s representation and forms of presentation. She has also written her thesis on gender, choice of youth education and guidance, and has had a passion for women in politics for a long time.

Emma Louise Stenholm

Studying Political Science at the University of Copenhagen with research interests within the fields of international politics, human rights and migration. Experience from Politiken, the magazine RÆSON on Danish and international politics and the think tank Lebanese Center for Policy Studies in Beirut.


Kathrine Børlit Nielsen

Cand.mag. in art history at the University of Copenhagen with a minor in gender studies and literary studies at Humboldt University, Berlin. Board member of the Network for Women and Nonbinary in Philosophy (NKNIF). Works with communication on art and culture, former columnist for Politiken and is currently a student at Skrivelinjen at Copenhagen Art School.



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Main Responsibles

Tora’s ‘main responsibles’ are researchers and initiators who are each responsible for their own research area of the think tank. They help to support the growth spaces with relevant information and material, and they help the board to design projects and solve tasks at different levels.

Nordic Engagement and Collaborations (Sweden)

Michelle Sara Gano
Communications Officer and Nordic Engagement Manager (Tora in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries)

Michelle studies peace and development studies at Uppsala University and has studied gender studies at Mittuniversitetet in Sweden. She has a broad knowledge span, ranging from public diplomacy to communication and has experience from the UN. She also has a strong interest in foreign affairs and conflict resolution, and she is very passionate about equality and is particularly interested in the role of women in peace processes.

*In addition to doing communication work in Tora, Michelle will work to establish contact and collaborative relationships with various Nordic and Scandinavian organizations, with a view to spreading knowledge of Tora and initiating and participating in feminist projects now and in the future. Tora has an international outlook, and in that context, we want to strengthen Tora as a common platform and think tank in Scandinavia as such. In addition, Michelle is Twitter responsible, so if you have any questions regarding Twitter, please contact Michelle.

International Engagement and Collaborations

Christina Marie Leonhart
International Engagement Manager (Tora in English and German-speaking countries)

Christina holds a BA in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth and a MSc in Business Administration & Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School. She has a passion for epistemology, ethics and diversity studies. Having worked for Copenhagen Fintech and the Vodafone Institute, she is particularly interested in financial inclusion and the potential epistemic injustices caused by current discourses and practices within finance and technology.

* Christina will assist in taking care of the outreach, communication and engagement in with international collaboration partners and media coverage. As Tora aims to work as a platform for discussion and the exchange of ideas nationally and internationally, she will work on ensuring that Tora’s vision, knowledge, campaigns and projects can have a voice beyond the Scandinavian context. Christina is happy to guide any English-speaking or German-speaking party of interest through the work that Tora is doing, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Areas of expertise

EU and International Politics

Mahela Madeleine Nilsson
EU legislation and policy

Mahela is educated in psychology and gender studies at Aarhus University and Linnaeus University. She has work experience from the UN organization UN Women and an interest in gender equality in an international context and has a passion for feminist work at both – on a state and a grassroots level.

* Tora sees great importance in comparing and cooperating between EU Member States. As much of the legislation we see implemented in Denmark is prepared at EU level, it is important for Tora to be involved in the EU structure, keep us updated on the latest statutes in the field of gender equality – with the aim of seeing opportunities where Tora can have influence on the decision-making processes that dictate the course towards a more equal Europe.

Human Rights

Emma Louise Stenholm
Politics, press and human rights

Emma is studying Political Science (stud.scient.pol) at the University of Copenhagen. She is particularly interested in international politics, human rights and migration and has experience from Politiken, the magazine RÆSON on Danish and international politics as well as the think tank Lebanese Center for Policy Studies in Beirut.

* In Tora, we want to incorporate human rights into all our focus areas, as they share Tora’s core values of equality, inclusion and sustainability and constitute the fundamental social rules of our world community. With the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 48 countries have voted to work for a more free and equal world without discrimination, but although human rights are widely accepted, they are still interpreted differently around the world. As Tora works for feminist growth from a holistic and intersectional approach, we will not only focus on gender and equality, but also address human rights in a broader perspective as well as open up feminist critical perspectives.


Cecer Bjørk
Researcher in the LGBTQIA area

Cecer studies in sociology at Aalborg University, and has throughout the study worked a lot with gender identities and sexual orientation. Currently, she is writing her thesis on lesbian identities across generations, focusing on the language of the life story. In addition, she has experience with volunteer work in a number of LGBT associations, as well as great interest in queer theory and intersectionality.

* With equality and inclusion as some of the core values of the Torah, Cecer focuses on the LGBTQIA area. As part of Tora’s work on the inclusion of sexual minorities and gender minorities, research in the field with queer-feminist and intersectional approaches will contribute to the resource bank and ensure that different perspectives are incorporated into a number of Tora’s growth spaces.

As an LGBT researcher, Cecer will also be involved in coordinating collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the future. Our growth space already focuses on the LGBTQIA area (eg. in human rights and gender understanding), with other experts in the field. With a permanently attached main researcher, we can now work even more, think about cooperation in the Danish and Scandinavian context, and at the same time have the international outlook required to focus on this area.

Resource Bank

Frida Windfeld
Researcher and resource bank for feminist theory & research

Frida is educated in religious studies, gender and minority studies. Has a special interest in the crossroads between gender, religion and politics, and deals, in his academic work, with oppression and discrimination (often of a political nature), in various minority-majority relations.

* Resource Bank: Tora will develop a theory and research-based resource bank that will support our visionary foundation, based on “feminist growth” and the three themes Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability. The purpose is to create a space where you can seek knowledge about the focus areas Tora works with, and which can form an overview of the theoretical-academic starting point, from which Tora’s ideas and visions originate.

Department in Aarhus

Simone Due Rasmussen
Tora in Aarhus

Simone is educated in literary history, anthropology and ethnography at Aarhus University with a Master of Science in Gender, Sexuality & Society from Birkbeck, University of London. She has an interest in gender representation and perceptions in relation to language and discourse, as well as ecofeminism across philosophy, social critique and practice.

* Tora in Aarhus: It has now become possible for people living in Aarhus and the surrounding area to meet under the auspices of Tora, establish growth spaces and get involved as volunteers in Tora. Tora is headquartered in Copenhagen, but we are working hard to develop an equivalent department in Aarhus. Simone helps to make this department possible and can be contacted with an outlook of becoming active in Tora, if you are located in Aarhus and the surrounding area. Simone then reports to Tora’s board.



Xenia Sofie Heiberg Heurlin
Podcast and news update

Xenia is a student in political science at the University of Copenhagen and has experience with research on gender and international politics. She is also interested in the interplay between gender, war and international politics.


* National collaboration: Tora wants to collaborate with other Danish think tanks and organizations. By helping each other and collaborating, Tora expects that together we can create awareness and new knowledge about different areas that currently lack attention in the Danish public debate. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas for potential partners.

Coco Hjardemaal

Coming soon





Malene Riis Andersen
Communication employee and growth space assistant

Malene has experience with practical work and communication and is a student from Det frie Gymnasie, having studied educational science. She is interested in cultural events, cultural meetings, sustainability and culinary experiences. Malene helps keeping the growth spaces going and assists with the internal communication of Tora.



Bodil Brødreskrift

Bodil is educated as an ethnologist from the University of Copenhagen and works on a daily basis with urban development, including studies and analyses of people’s use of the city as well as involvement and co-creation with citizens. She is particularly interested in collective identities and questions of power in urban space. Working towards a more democratic and diverse urban development.

* Fundraising in Tora: Tora is a voluntary think tank that works to get knowledge and perspectives on gender equality widespread and involved in all parts of society, including in politics and administration. We do this through projects in the growth spaces, research, debate and international cooperation. We therefore fundraise on an ongoing basis, e.g. to be able to hold events, workshops and conferences, create campaigns, produce knowledge and teaching material, etc.


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SoMe, Press and Branding

Communications editor and SoMe manager

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Helena Kanafani

Helena holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology, has worked with the Danish radio (DR) and has experience with gender research from the University of Copenhagen. She worked as a journalist in various media and now works as a clerk in the social administration, focusing on the involvement of citizens and organizations in the municipal context.

* Helena works with the press and works as a journalist in Tora, where she follows, interviews and communicates the work of Tora’s growth space, including the various issues, themes and topics within feminist growth.

Kira Skovbo
External consultant in branding 

Kira is educated in Communication Design at the Design School Kolding with experience as a brand strategist from the design agency Kontrapunkt, among others. She is board member of K. Vinders Fond and co-creator of Period Talks. Kira is interested in menstrual equity and design as an engine for feminist change and taboo-breaking of the female body and sexuality.

* Kira consults Tora in branding which will help us focus on how we develop through the jungle of social media platforms, forms of communication and visual expression.


Coming soonwe are hiring! Under the menu “join”, including “Tora seeks”, you can find an overview of the volunteer positions we are looking for filled with description, deadlines and contact information!


Coming soonwe are hiring!  Under the menu “join”, including “Tora seeks”, you can find an overview of the volunteer positions we are looking for filled with description, deadlines and contact information!

Membership care

Coming soonwe are hiring!  Under the menu “join”, including “Tora seeks”, you can find an overview of the volunteer positions we are looking for filled with description, deadlines and contact information!


Would you like to bid on one of the above areas as an assistant to the principals or as a volunteer in the areas that are empty? Then write communication@ttora.dk (Malene) (as well as possibly the main person whose area you would like to assist within).