Vision and Mission of Tora

Tora’s mission is aimed at strengthening a feminist perspective in societal development.

Tora is based on an overall idea of feminist growth – an ambition to redefine, challenge and develop methods to facilitate more sustainable growth in society; on a social, environmental and economic level. We define three focus areas that together create the right conditions for growth and change: equality, inclusion and sustainability.

We operate based on two basic premises:

  1. Human coexistence and well-being are based on recognition, reciprocity and respect.
  2. Sustainability (social, economic and environmental) is a necessary precondition in order to achieve balance between humans, society and nature.

Our vision is a society with a clear focus on feminist growth, and our mission is to establish a platform where people come together, exchange ideas, develop models of change, launch initiatives to nurture and strengthen equality, inclusion and sustainability in all contexts – a mission to develop feminism as the problem-solving method that it has become in the past years (and to a large extent still has the potential to be).

The development of feminism takes place on different levels within Tora; through our advisory board, our growth spaces,our campaigns, our events, our workshops, and our research. We are driven to continuously develop and obtain the latest research on feminist methods within a wide range of contexts, and we intend to establish Tora as a Danish think tank with a strong international outlook.

You can read more about Tora’s various bodies, activities and projects as well as all the fantastic people who help to establish and develop Tora here under the various tabs.