A membership costs between 200 and 350 DKK per year. You decide for yourself, depending on your finances.

Your money helps Tora to do its magic and stay up and running.

The money from membership goes to:

  1. Facilitation of growth space and advisory board
  2. Events and workshops (rental of premises)
  3. Newsletters and flyers
  4. Finances / cashier / bank account
  5. Website / graphics / photo
  6. GDPR Consultant (s)
  7. Office rental


While transferring the membership fee, please register via mail chimp as well via the subscription box here! In this way, you will receive invitations, updates and newsletters.

Once you have registered by paying the amount to account: 5337 0243949, please submit your name and e-mail address to us via the form below:

If the name of the member and payer is not the same, please inform: .

If you register after 01/12, the membership will also apply for the following year.

Remember to notify your bank to remember the transfer on 01/03 every year.

You are always more than welcome to send support amounts.

The amount for organizational memberships is agreed individually. Write to the board

Your membership provides the opportunity to volunteer, work in our growth space, receive newsletters and receive invitations to our workshops and events. Your money goes to realizing Tora’s ambitions and supporting feminism in Denmark.

NOTE: Under no circumstances do we pass on names or e-mail addresses to third parties. Only the board members who work with the databases or a member appointed by the board will have access to them.