Welcome to Tora – Denmark’s first feminist think tank!

On this website you can learn more about the visionary foundations of Tora. The term ’feminist growth’, which we have coined ourselves, encompasses our three main pillars: Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability.

You can also find out how to become a member of Tora or volunteer in a growth space, as a coordinator or as a project leader. Furthermore, you are encouraged to support us by becoming a member of Tora. We need to kickstart a feminist agenda, where major perspectives and the world as a whole are taken into account. Become a member here!

Feminist Growth

Tora is reclaiming the concept of ’growth’: For us, the idea of growth is about having respect for, and caring about nature as well as people. The term ’feminist growth’ centres around our three main principles: Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability. With these three values at the forefront of our organisation, we will work towards creating long-term growth – for the benefit of the people and our planet.

Structure and processes

Tora’s work revolves around a foundation that is based on a set of feminist basic assumptions. Using this as our starting point, we work towards creating new visions, frameworks and approaches to address present challenges in society and achieve lasting changes. This will be worked on in Tora’s theme-based growth spaces (‘vækstrum’).

Tora is supported by various volunteer groups. On top of that, the board and the advisory board function as fixed focal points, combined with a general annual meeting which embodies the supreme decision-making authority.


Members of Tora can get involved in a number of ways: you can join a growth space, become an administrative volunteer, run as a candidate for membership of the board or participate in the yearly general meeting. Has any of these options sparked your interest? Or do you have a new idea you’d like to share with us? Have a look at all the projects we already have up and running!

The think tank Tora was launched on 1 March 2020. From this day on, we have worked full pressure on founding growth spaces, volunteer groups and establishing collaborations. For 2020/21, we have meetings, events and workshops up our sleeve, which you can find out about by following us on our Facebook, LinkedIn and webpage.

Tora’s work is supported by Kvindernes Bygnings Fond.

Become a Member of Tora

 A membership in Tora allows you to access our growth spaces, volunteering activities and our newsletter.

We encourage EVERYONE who supports the idea of a feminist think tank in Denmark to become a member. Your support is vital for us to make a difference, seek funding and become a platform for feminism in Denmark. The membership costs between 200 and 350 DKK per year, depending on how much you can contribute (see more under ‘become a member’).

Once you have registered by transferring the amount to the account: 5337 0243949, make sure to submit the form with your mail and email address (see membership menu).

Read more about the membership under ‘Why become a member’.